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God Family Country Oval Warrior Collection Attitude Buckle

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Everything within our Warrior Collection is inspired by our Faith in God himself. The pieces are to be worn by anyone who has a warrior spirit on the traditional battlefield or on the battlefield of life. God has told us, He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the beginning and the end. The Warrior Collections logo represents God, the beginning (backward B), and end (forward-facing against the B). This buckle holds the Warrior Collections logo in the center with the words "Family" below, "God" above, and "Country" at the bottom. It has a blackened background for added depth and contrast while stars and stripes wave in the wind on the sides as a frame. Standard 1.5 inch belt swivel.

Width 3.84
Height 3.03
Length 0.60
Nickel plated over a brass base with gold paint. Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish.