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Cracked Dirt Longhorn Buckle

Cracked Dirt Longhorn Buckle

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Deeply antiqued silver finished details surround the gold finished longhorn steer figure on this buckle featuring unique "cracked dirt" texturing and edging. The cracked earth design is inspired by the heat-baked surface of a desert plain. Swooping feather accents curve along the top and bottom edge of the buckle, highlighting the bright gold finished filigree. Our cracked dirt bull riding buckle represents a love of the western lifestyle and the deep heritage of bull riding and ranching. 1.5 i

Belt not included.


99.9% fine silver and 24 karat yellow gold over a brass base. Paint. Montana Armor protective finish to prevent tarnish.


  • Width 4.0
  • Height 3.0
  • Length 0.00